Unit One is a dynamic engineering company, which focus on products, system solutions and consulting service solutions that meet the most demanding customer requirements. We service research companies and government institutions, such as Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Lundbeck, DTU and other universities.

We have since 1991 delivered high quality vision technology solutions to industrial production and research/development in Denmark and abroad. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always ready to help with the right selection of components and integration of any given project and to provide the most effective and cost efficient solution for our customer. With this approach, we have created a well functioning partnership with a host of respected research institutions, who benefit from Unit-One’s extensive knowledge and experience within the vision technology. Unit-One is owned by Per Ove Poulsen.


We are experts in creating laboratory equipment for a customer’s specific needs and can customize any solution, with a very high technical quality. We have extensive experience in replacing manual workloads with an automated system, with a combination of light source, optics, cameras and software. At Unit One we have the knowledge about light, optic and microscopy, that we can design any system our customers might need. All systems are build with quality components, either commercial off the shelf (cost) or in house custom design or a combination of both.


 We can assist with troubleshooting for high-speed camera systems, used in process line failure analysis. Our high-speed Camera system’s records up to 180.000 frames/seconds and the camera scan’s the surface and compare for errors or imperfection much faster and more precise, than possible with the human eye and the whole process is controlled by PC or MAC.

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