High tech vision technologies for life science.

UNIT ONE delivers turn-key products and complex solutions

Providing simple solutions for complex experiments.

UNIT ONE leverages vision technology, diagnostics, software development and mechanical engineering to assist Life Science researchers in their quest for knowledge. You have the experiment, we have the solution.

Cameras for vision solutions

With TheImagingSource, Pixelink and SVS-Vistek, we offer a broad range of cameras with USB and Ethernet interface. We cover the full spectrum from VGA- resolution to 151 Mp. The cameras comes with a package of SDK’s and sample programs for quick and easy integration into your project. Let us guide you to select the right camera.

LED lights for quality control

Latab manufactures diode lights specifically for industrial use. The LED lights are robust and intelligently designed to highlight just the details you are looking for in your vision assignment. If you just can’t find something that fits, among the hundreds of different models, we can offer special editions. The various diode lights are controlled by specially designed controllers that can be controlled in several different ways, including via ethernet. The controllers come in 2 main categories, strobe and steady state. Steady state can be controlled continuously or with quick on / off. The strobe controls can be controlled down to 10 µsec. flash.
NOTE! We offer you to borrow a diode light when you need to test it for a task.

High-speed, slow-motion cameras

We offer a series of High-Speed ​​cameras and systems for many different purposes. With Mikrotron’s program we can offer both stationary and transportable solutions, with infinitely variable frame rate of up to more than 200,000 images per second. second. We offer rental of the High-Speed ​​MotionBLITZ cube7 system on a daily basis with light, lenses, laptop and USB3 HDD for transporting movie clips. It is all packed in a convenient flightcase.

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Microscope cameras

For Life Science, Jenoptik has a camera that fits every purpose. These cameras are a perfect way to upgrade your microscope. The PROGRES GRYPHAX series offers highly sensitive cameras with resolution up to 20 Mp.

Right now we offer a trade-in program and give you 20% discount on a new Gryphax camera. Contact us to get the details.
The cameras comes with the PROGRES GRYPHAX software for both Windows, Mac and Linux.
There are drivers for both Image Pro and ImageJ.

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Camera modules

Skoopia zoom module cameras are available with many different interfaces, HD-SDI, HDMI, Component. The sensors are supplied from different vendors and state of the art. Resolution is from VGA over 4K to 12Mp. Zoom up to 30x optical and we offer CAD files for all models.

Board level cameras and OEM monitors are also available in different resolutions and interfaces for the industrial and medical market.

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X-ray sensors

Advacam’s expertise covers semiconductor sensor manufacturing, micro packaging, radiation imaging cameras and development of imaging solutions for industrial and academic needs. Advacam commercialises Medipix technology that is under development at CERN, Switzerland.

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Image Pro, Image Analysis Software

With Image Pro 10 software you have the toolbox to make your image analysis fast and reliable. The toolbox is a complete set of what is needed to get information from images. Everything can be recorded in a macro and used in an app for even more standardisation and flexibility. Hardware support for a lot of microscope cameras are also included and we offer full support for All Jenoptik Gryphax cameras.

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