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UNIT ONE provides custom vision technology, diagnostics, software development and mechanical engineering to assist Life Science.

Your problem – our solution

UNIT ONE provides vision technology, including Dark Boxes and microscopy camera solutions to meet any life science research challenge with immediately available off-the-shelf systems as well as special custom designs. Urgent here-and now problems in the experimental process are solved with creativity, knowhow, personal service and the best technologies available.

UNIT ONE´s client satisfaction record speaks for itself. Whether you are considering a specific experiment, facing a stubborn glitch, or simply want to open a channel, we will be right with you, bringing targeted expertise to focus on making your process easier.



UNIT ONE can help define your special requirements for research equipment and deliver a customized solution of high quality and reliability.



UNIT ONE is a unique source of expertise from a wide range of fields such as light, optics, image analysis, cameras, microscopy, electronics, research technologies, anesthesia, software development and mechanical design.

Cost efficiency


Automation, accuracy, PC control, and customized software provide efficient workflows without back-tracking, and a single person can control complex processes.Our solutions bring you rapid returns on your investment – getting products to the market faster.

Personal support


UNIT ONE starts its personal touch from the outset to discuss and plan the right solution. Solutions are followed all the way to your door to ensure operational perfection no matter what.



UNIT ONE uses only top quality components, from its high resolution cameras to the last tiny screw, to ensure systems that last and run smoothly through hours of testing and research processes.

Fast delivery


There is always someone waiting for your results, and “time is money.” UNIT ONE is acclaimed for its rapid delivery times of both standard and customized solutions.

Work environment


No more long hours in the dark when working with fluorescence
measurements. UNIT ONE supplies remote-controlled measuring and viewing of objects in Dark Boxes.


“Our research would have taken us many months of tedious manual labor if it hadn’t been for Unit One’s automatic solution. Their programmed macros were customized for our specific experiment and ran perfectly with Image Pro™.”Karen Ellegaard, Parker Institute

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You have the experiment - we have the solution

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