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Full stack software engineering


We´re experts in defining the specific needs for laboratory equipment and we can create tailor-made solutions of very high technical quality. We´ve got extensive experience in replacing manual work with automatic systems built from light sources, optics, cameras and software. At UNIT ONE, we generally have a great deal of knowledge about light, optics and microscopy. That´s why we´re happy to design systems that fit the needs of each individual customer. All systems are built on quality components that we either import or develop ourselves.


When you are in the sun, your skin is affected by UV radiation. Your skin blushes and you feel a pain, caused by the strong UV exposure. What happens in the skin are that pigment that can not keep up with the heavy dose of UV radiation and you get burned. The pigment, melanin, can not keep up with the powerful radiation. Melanin is the substance that makes your skin tan when you sunbathe.

The more sun the more suntan you get. This can be very attractive to look at, but the…….. Read the full text in the PDF brochure.

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The BallastWISE product was developed in collaboration with Bioras and Fishlab. The project started as the development of an instrument that could measure organisms from 50 µm upwards. Later, the fraction came up with 10-50µ. Measurement accuracy is dictated by the Ballastwater Convention. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballast_Water_Management_Convention
The challenge at the beginning of the project has been to replace a microscope-counting human with an apparatus that can do it automatically in minutes. There have been both mechanical and electronic challenges, all of which have been solved through collaboration with various subcontractors.
Today, the product is the only one on the world market that can measure both fractions, 10-50 µm and 50 µm and up. Our measurement technology is patented.


Our first systems were installed in Scotland and Canada. The systems were based on a standard analysis software that was modified for the purpose. The hardware was installed in a 19 ”rack cabinet.
In 2019 I decided to make a more streamlined device that does not take up too much space on the laboratory table. The result can be viewed in the PDF brochure.

Our newest system is compatible with the MicroFluo system.

We recently delivered our system to Japan, Canada and Australia as a replacement for their MicroFluo systems.

The system is developed by Gade Data and Unit One.

How to make samples and how to use the system can be seen on this link;


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Multifunction Darkbox System was developed as a project commissioned by Hamamatsu Photonics.
A dark box is used to record images of e.g. mice in absolute darkness. The technique is that with the help of luciferin, one can see the effect of new medication. (rodent animal imaging)
The requirements specification was very clear so it was just a matter of getting started. The hardware was designed in 3D and the electronics were developed by an external company. The project lasted 4 months for prototype.
In connection with the project, various methods were developed for controlling heat in the image plane, controlling focus and aperture in a special lens, control of reference light and distribution of anesthetic gas for 6 mice.
A filter wheel for use in fluorescence when measuring on plants was also developed from the ground up.

Download PDF-brochure for Aequoria MDS system

Download PDF-brochure for Type 4 darkbox


Special camera for minus 40 degrees.

For inspection of welding seams in critical installations, we were asked to provide a camera to sit on a robot. It should withstand ammonia and minus 40 degrees. The task was solved with an aluminum housing equipped with a video camera and a ring light. The surface is anodized to withstand ammonia and saline. The housing is pressure tested to 8 bar. And the video signal is standard PAL. We offer semilar solutions with GigE, USB3 and HDMI output.


Special camera for underwater use.
In a situation where a production unit is falling apart and one needs to keep track of what is happening, we are contacted about a structure for inspecting cracks in underwater structures.
We have designed a system with 2 cameras, mounted on a magnetic holder. The cameras are equipped with mini ring lights. It is all supplied to PoE via submarine cables. The camera housings have been tested to 34 bar and can easily be upgraded to higher pressures.


in the prodution

We´re also experts in high-speed camera systems that find faulty processes in production. Our special high-speed camera systems record up to 180,000 frames per second. They scan surfaces and collections for errors faster and far more accurately than the human eye, and the entire process is controlled by a PC.


Our knowledge bank in light, optics, image analysis, cameras, electronics and technology is very comprehensive and we are a competent and unique partner. We both work on purchasing components and configuring software. We therefore have both specialized knowledge of the individual parts of a system and experience with total solutions, and therefore we advise at the expert level. Our customers from industry, laboratory and research environments have experienced this for many years. The right tailor-made solution saves a lot of money for our customers in the long run.